Day: October 21, 2021

GeForce Now

Nvidia Brings RTX 3080 to Cloud gaming

Nvidia has added a third subscription option to GeForce Now cloud gaming, it is now possible to get the maximum performance with the RTX 3080 mode. This means that gamers now will have access to their own high-performance cloud gaming rig. Streaming up to 1440p Resolution with a maximum of 120 frames per second on […]

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Workers are protesting

A workers revolution is taking place around the world

People are being sick of being used and mistreated at work in the United States and in the world. A sub on Reddit called /antiwork is taking off and many people are quitting their jobs massively, people were already having enough of their low salary, but thanks to the Pandemic things are now going in […]

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Facebook will do a name change soon

According to some sources, Facebook is planning to reveal a name next week during their connect event. The social media company has been working on a new name as a general umbrella name, so their services like Whatsapp, Instagram, and VR will fall under the new name called: “Horizon Worlds”. It is not clear if […]

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