Day: November 4, 2021

Back to office

Tips for going back to the office

Now that many companies are asking employees to come (partially) back to the office, some tips in this article will help you out if you have been dreading going back. People are getting stressed because many companies are pushing back dates, or are just very unclear about their policies. Giving more stress to people than […]

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Overclocker manages to clock Intel i9-129000K to 8GHz

Hicookie, a Taiwanese overclocker managed to overclock an Intel Core i9-129000k CPU to 8GHz on just a single core. Which is a record. The i9-10900k and i9-11900k max Ghz clock was 7,7GHz and 7,3GHz. Both CPUs from the previous record is made on 14nm. The i9-129000k is baked on 10 nanometers. However, the world record […]

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