Animal Crossing: NH won’t get any updates after the last DLC

Animal crossing

Nintendo has confirmed that it won’t be updating Animal Crossing: New Horizons after the last paid DLC: Happy Home Designer. According to Nintendo Happy Home Paradise offers a completely new experience, hence it will be the first and last paid DLC for the game. Earlier Nintendo released New Horizons 2.0. Which added a lot of new content to the game.

According to Nintendo, Happy Home Paradise is a very large update for Animal Crossing NH and completely changes the experience. Other than adding 300 more game hours to the game, adding many new items and storylines it made sense to make this a paid DLC. But Nintendo said it will be the only paid DLC they will ever make.

Earlier this month Nintendo also said that New Horizons 2.0 will also be the last free update. After this Nintendo will only fix bugs. But no more free content.

In Happy Home Paradise, players design holiday homes for visitors. According to their wishes, the players will create amazing-looking holiday homes. The update also comes packed with new possibilities, like adaptable lighting and walls.

It is also possible to build a central island filled with schools and libraries. Players can bring the designs they unlocked to their home island as well. Happy Home Designer will be released this coming November 5th and will cost $24.99 / €24,99 / £22.49 If you are a member of Nintendo Switch Online. The update will be free to download. It is already possible to preload the download so you can start playing instantly once the update is live.

New Horizons 2.0

The DLC will launch alongside a massive update for New Horizons that delivers numerous features fans have been wanting to see return–The Roost coffee shop, ordinances, Gyroids, Kapp’n–along with many quality-of-life improvements and other new additions. These include new customization options, permanent ladders, a shopping center you can pay to expand on Harv’s Island, and a whole lot more. It is, however, the last big free update for the game, which first launched early last year.

Importantly, if you buy the DLC through the Nintendo Switch Online subscription, and then you later cancel the subscription for any reason, you won’t lose access to the new furniture, partition walls, lighting, soundscapes, and counters. You won’t be able to visit the archipelago anymore, though, but re-subscribing or purchasing the DLC separately will grant you access again. You’ll be able to access the Happy Home Paradise content via the airport, by telling Orville you “want to go to work”.

Both updates will add many many hours of playtime to the game once more. Animal Crossing: New Horizons was launched on March 20th, 2020. Hopefully, the final update will give it plenty of more life for the years to come. Personally, I wished they would keep updating the game for a longer time. Who knows maybe they will update the game in some time?

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