Harry Potter: Wizards unite shutting down in January

Wizards unite

Niantic, the developer of Harry Potter: Wizards unite will shut the AR game down in January 2022. Basically, 3 months from now, the game will be completely shut down. Wizards Unite arrived with a lot of hype back in 2019. the game presents a more narrative-focused take on the hugely popular location-based AR action of Pokémon Go as Harry Potter seeped into the real world. Niantic says that not all games are made to last forever, saying: “Our goal was to bring the magic of the wizarding world to life for millions of players as they stepped outside and explored their neighborhoods. We accomplished that together, delivering a two-year narrative story arc that will soon complete.”

Coming 31st January 2022, all servers and features will be switched off and the Wizards Unite app will be removed from digital app stores. Additionally, the community forum and all associated social media channels will be closed. Players will have until 31st January to spend their Gold balance and use any remaining items, and Niantic will not give any refunds on past purchases, except where otherwise required by law.

It seems that Niantic no longer wants to focus its development to create more story arcs. Perhaps it is costing Niantic more than it will bring in terms of cash. Hence the decision to kill the game entirely. The reviews after the initial launch were not positive either.

Players looking for a different AR experience have enough to play. Alongside Pokémon Go and Ingress, Niantic has just launched Pikmin Bloom and is also working on Transformers: Heavy Metal, with the studio saying it has a total of nine apps in its development pipeline, some soft-launching in 2022.

Farewell bonuses

Players can look forward to some gameplay changes that will take effect on November 2, 2021:

  • All Daily Assignments will have their rewards increased.
  • All Potion Brew times will be reduced by 50% with Master Notes.
  • The daily cap on sending and opening Gifts will be removed.
  • Barrufio’s Brain Elixir potion will now award 3× player XP.
  • 1920s Portkey Portmanteaus will be shown on the map more frequently and associated Fragment rewards will be doubled
  • Spell Energy and Ingredients will appear on the map more frequently.

Over the coming months, players will also be able to look forward to the following events, including the release of the remaining Lethal Adversaries:

  • November
    • Dolores Umbridge Lethal Adversaries Event
    • Half-Blood Prince Brilliant Event Part 1
    • Lucius Malfoy Lethal Adversaries Event
    • Half-Blood Prince Brilliant Event Part 2
  • December
    • Bellatrix Lethal Adversaries Event
    • Horcrux Hunt Part 2
    • Voldemort Lethal Adversaries Event
    • Deathly Hallows Brilliant Event Part 1
    • Holiday Event
    • Deathly Hallows Brilliant Event Part 2
  • January
    • Niantic will share more information at a later stage.

As a farewell Niantic also posted the following:

“Thank you to our extraordinary community of witches and wizards for joining us on this journey,” Niantic concluded. “We have had so much fun exploring with you over the last two years, and we hope to see you adventuring with us in some of our other games soon!”.

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