Nvidia Brings RTX 3080 to Cloud gaming

GeForce Now

Nvidia has added a third subscription option to GeForce Now cloud gaming, it is now possible to get the maximum performance with the RTX 3080 mode. This means that gamers now will have access to their own high-performance cloud gaming rig. Streaming up to 1440p Resolution with a maximum of 120 frames per second on PCs and Max. On the Shield TV, gaming at 4k HDR/60 FPS is possible. given you have a good internet connection of course.

All this performance is rendered real-time in the cloud, members connect from lower performance laptops and PCs to servers that are supercharged with GPUs based on the NVIDIA Ampere architecture. AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO CPUs deliver leadership performance and industry-leading bandwidth. According to Nvidia, they offer the fastest performance available. Nvidia also announced many new games added to their catalog every Thursday. The new subscription will cost 99,95 euros for 6 months. The price will be the same in dollars.

Given the current shortage of video cards, the RTX 3080 subscription is a nice way to get the maximum out of gaming. RTX will be turned on for the new subscription. And it is even possible to play games from your Android phone. GeForce Now also supports gaming from the browser if that was not enough.

That means any underpowered PC or laptop, even with four-year-old integrated graphics. Will get instantly transformed into a gaming rig. Which will be capable of displaying PC games in 1440p at 120 FPS with a compatible monitor.

Preorders are open now for RTX 3080 memberships

Preorders for the RTX 3080 membership are now open for Founders and Priority members and will be open to all gamers next week. Founders and Priority members can access their exclusive preorder opportunity by logging into their GeForce NOW account, clicking “MANAGE,” and selecting the “PREORDER” option under RTX 3080 to begin the checkout flow. Preorders will only be charged when the GeForce NOW RTX 3080 membership is available.

Founders will get a 10% discount on the subscription price. Reverting back anytime is possible too, founders will keep paying the founders’ edition price. This is a great deal for those that were early on the boat!

Preorders will begin converting to active memberships in November in North America, and December in Western Europe.

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8 months ago

This might be tangential, but what happened to Stadia? Google stadia. I hear cloud computing and I think of it cause of how epic stadia was set to be. Seeing as I haven’t seen any coverage of them, I guess I could say they’ve run into some digital brick wall. BTW Nvidia are a force. They stay on top of their market and demand. Golden