Roblox has been down for four days


The popular game: Roblox has been down since last Thursday. Only today the developer has announced to have partially fixed the issue. Roblox suddenly went down worldwide last Thursday. There was no update planned that went wrong. According to sources, the servers have a very severe networking issue. The game has 40 million active daily players and is available to play on Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and the Xbox One.

Independent service DownDetector, which tracks the performance of web services based on reports from users across social networks, shows a steady stream of complaints about Roblox. In the UK alone, some 1,500 users are complaining about problems with the performance of Roblox every minute. In the United States, that number rises to well over 2,000 complaints every minute. Worldwide the game has over 40 million daily players.

Within the game, it is possible to make new games with a language called the Roblox Lua. Roblox has not confirmed what caused the issue, only that they are trying to fix it. For 4 days. It is very rare for such a large game to have such a long downtime. Not a positive sign to players which can cause a lot of players to quit the game forever. Especially if they lose any progress (Like what happened with Guild Wars 2 back in 2012, 2017, 2019).

However, it is unsure what is exactly the problem. If it is a network related there is a chance that any progress is not touched. They then just have to make sure that network settings are properly configured. (Which is harder than it might sound, I know).

Making real money with Roblox

The game makes money with an in-game currency called: Robux. With this in-game currency, players can spend money on accessories for their persona. Players can also advertise with Robux in games made by others. A percentage can be kept as profit and it is also possible to take out the Robux for real money. Roblox offers millions of games that are all made by players in-game. Having a game like this down for 4 days can have a serious impact on income. Roblox has not responded yet if players will be compensated.

As you can see above, Roblox has been down since 29th October 2021. Since an hour ago, the game has been showing a bit of life since 300,000 users were allowed back in again. It seems that they are slowly opening the gates of the game to prevent the servers from collapsing if they let in too many users at the same time.

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