DJI introduces DJI Mavic 3 drone


DJI has introduced their newest drone; the Mavic 3. This drone has 2 cameras (a primary and a
telephoto lens). The primary camera can shoot photos with 20 megapixels and can record 4k videos with 120FPS. The drone should have a total flight time of 46 minutes and is already for sale since today

The primary camera can also record 5,1K videos with 50 frames per second. The camera can also tilt and turn around. Next to the primary camera, there is also a telephoto lens of 162mm. This camera can shoot pictures with 12 MP and can record 4K videos with 30 FPS. The angle of the camera is 15 degrees. With this lens, it is possible to zoom in 4 times digitally to 28 times manually.

The Mavic 3 has a 5000mAh battery capacity, which should be enough for 46 minutes of flying. Its hover time is 40 minutes though. DJI claims that the longer time of flight is possible by using a larger battery, but also by increasing the efficiency of the rotors and motors. The drone itself is also more aerodynamic and lighter than the Mavic 2. The battery can be charged with USB C and supports charging with 65 Watts. The weight is 895 grams. DJI managed to shave off 13 grams compared to the Mavic 2. The top speed of the drone will be around 76KM/h (45Mph).

The drone also supports APAS 5.0 and ActiveTrack 5.0. Thanks to its six fisheye-senors, two wide-angle sensors. It can easily detect any obstacles and fly around them. DJI also added an improved return to a home system where the drone can automatically calculate the shortest and safest route home.

New controller and prices

The drone manufacturer also improved the controls of the Mavic 3. It is now possible to control the drone within a range of 15km (9,3 miles). The live data feed has been improved to 1080p with 60FPS. Making it easier to control the drone and react faster if needed.

The Mavic 3 will be available in three different variants. The standard version will cost you 2099 euros (2466 dollars). The Fly More Combo will cost 2799 euros (3200 dollars) and offers extra batteries and a charging hub. To get the best of the best, DJI has the Cine Premium combo. With a price of 4799 euro (5500 dollars). Which supports Apple’s Apple ProRes 422 HQ recordings and has a built-in 1TB-SSD. Deliveries are starting on November 12th.

In the above video, you can see the capabilities of the DJI Mavic 3. Soon we will start to see many amazing drone footage on youtube made with DJI’s newest drone. However, buyers need to make sure that they can actually fly this drone in their country. So make sure to check the local laws first before buying! Would be a waste to spend a large amount of money and you cannot fly it in your country otherwise. What do you think? Will you buy the Mavic 3

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