Facebook will change its name to Meta


Mark Zuckerberg has announced that Facebook will be changing its name to Meta. This way the company will relay its focus on the “Metaverse”. Meta also announced a series of new products to go with the name change. Earlier we already posted about a possible name change for Facebook. However, we were very wrong about the name.

According to the founder of the social media company, Meta wants to evolve more with their products and focus more on developing the Meta-verse. A world where our things are more connected virtually than ever before. Meta also wants to focus on the Virtual reality space as it also announced a new project called: Project Cambrian. To make the Meta-verse possible specialized hardware is needed which will be filled by Project Cambrian.

Facebook itself, will keep its name though. Meta will act as an umbrella to manage different companies like Whatsapp and Instagram will remain the same. The stock price name will change to MVRS. Google did the same in 2015 to create a new company called Alphabet. However, the Oculus brand name will be changed to Meta Quest.

Meanwhile, Meta will work to create the Meta-Verse. With a focus on virtual reality. Virtual work and home environment and even full virtual avatars (which are supposed to be photo-realistic). There will also be a new app called Polar. Users can create whatever they like in AR without the need for any coding. Users will be able to create GEO-anchored art that will be connected to real-life locations.

Wash the guilt away?

Facebook recently got a lot of negative attention regarding very bad papers that got leaked, over the years many people have gained a negative association with Facebook and its privacy issues. Facebook has gained many fines for breaking the laws and has settled many settlements. Changing its name to something else might be very handy so that people can forget this. Maybe this is also one of the reasons why they changed their name? Mark Zuckerberg will never tell this in public though.

It is clear that Meta wants to make everything virtual as much as possible. Having full-size avatars in games will be cool to see. But will this split humanity even more? Meta will basically create a world that is tended to your needs. (And knows everything about you). A little bit scary if you think about it. The road to the Meta-verse is now set, let’s see what the newly named company can do.

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