Facebook will do a name change soon

According to some sources, Facebook is planning to reveal a name next week during their connect event. The social media company has been working on a new name as a general umbrella name, so their services like Whatsapp, Instagram, and VR will fall under the new name called: “Horizon Worlds”. It is not clear if this name will be the official name. The name change will come in handy for the company since Facebook has had scandal after scandal after even more scandals. Are they hoping that people will easily forget?

Do we remember back in 2018, when it came out that millions of Facebook users were exposed with their personal data during the Cambridge Analytica scandal? This (the company does no longer exists) then used this data to influence several elections.

Or the many leaks that were found and Facebook only acknowledged later that it was a mistake? Even though that does not matter, since Facebook is still growing in revenue and daily users. Which is insane to me. Why would you trust a company that has over and over broken the law, where you are the product and they literally do not care about your privacy?

To me, it seems Facebook is just changing its name to whitewash some of the bad memories away. No one will really remember or associate the name facebook in ten years from now on. Or at least that is their intention if you ask me.

With recent leaks, a whistleblower confirmed that the social media company chooses profits over the safety of the community. Even VIPs (like Hollywood actors), were given more freedom than a normal user. Facebook wants your data, if a famous person can attract a large crowd to generate more data, then they will choose profits. With Mark as CEO, the company has been chasing profits ever since. Never really thinking about if it is moral what they do. I believe if you have such amount of power (with a billion users). You have to take responsibility. Yet Facebook only has received some fines in the past (which is an impressive list).

The largest fine Facebook ever received was a $5 billion penalty, given by the Federal Trade Commission regarding the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Note that Facebook is now worth 1 Trillion Dollars. 5 Billion dollars is a month of revenue. The company just felt a tiny itch.

When will Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp users see that the company is doing more evil than good? The World has become way more polarised (or it has become more visible). Since the inception of the website. During the long downtime of Facebook a few weeks ago, a relatively small group switched to Telegram or Signal, some stuck but most of them came back once Whatsapp started working again. A testament to how good and too important such services have become. The name change will be interesting though. What will happen with Facebook? And what will the name be? We shall see

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