Nikon Z9-Camera supports 60fps in 8k

Nikon Z9

New leaks of Nikon’s latest flagship DSLR camera have been leaked. According to Nikonrummors, the Z9 offers a photo mode with 20 FPS in raw format and 60fps in an 8K resolution. A world first. The new camera is Nikon’s answer to the Canon EOS-R3 which costs around 6,100 euro. The camera will also have an entirely new 45 MP sensor and can shoot photos without any black-out. This means you will be able to instantly shoot your next photo.

  • Nikon Z9
  • Nikon Z9
  • Nikon Z9

A new generation of camera

The Z9 will also have a small monitor which you can tilt in any direction. Inside the hardware is also a double-coated low pass filter, which will decrease the noise while shooting significantly. The weight also has been reduced to 1200 grams (battery included). The D6 had a weight of 1400 grams. Which means it is lighter to handle and to take with you. As a professional photographer you normally take more than just one camera with you, so any weight you can lose will help you in the field.

Shooting at 120 Frames per second will only be possible with 11MP though. However, this is good enough if you want to make amazing photo finishes. Filming in 8K with 60 FPS is completely a world-first for Nikon. According to rumors, Nikon wants to price the camera at around 5400 dollars (around 6000 euro). Which is cheaper than cameras from other brands.

Possible specs that got leaked

  • The shutter will close when the camera is off to protect the sensor
  • 45 MP stacked sensor
  • 20 fps 
  • 120 fps in DX mode with reduced resolution (11MP)
  • New AF tracking (humans, animals, birds eye AF + cars, motorcycles, and planes AF tracking)
  • No rolling shutter (better than Sony A1 and Canon R3)
  • Black-out free viewfinder in all situations (around 5MP)
  • No pixelshift feature (it could be implemented later with a firmware update)
  • There will be an 8K 60p video option with 1 hr time limit
  • Big improvements in the color balance
  • Sensor read time is 4ms (the Sony A1 is 5ms) and this will allow 1/250 seconds in fast synchronization
  • The viewfinder resolution is 3.69MP
  • Newly designed menu system
  • he Z9 will use the same battery as D6. There will be also a new 18-type battery (EN-EL18x) that can be charged by the camera’s USB-C
  • Improved 3D tracking 
  • rumored to have a built-in ProRes RAW
  • The shutter release sound level can be adjusted from silent to loud… so you can still get that D6 machine gun sound

The newest flagship coming from Nikon should be available for shipping in December this year.

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Nanci Kane
Nanci Kane
8 months ago

Yeah If I grab a hold of this camera, I’m not letting go… do I even want to check the price again… probably not… I will say this tho: If those specs are truly it, like truly it… *mindblown*. This is just me thinking aloud: asides from the usual, I think it would be great if they picked one of their accessories and added it into the pack this time around… although, those are usually done in limited editions. sigh… One of those aim for the stars moment (I would love to take night mode pictures with this camera tho)…

8 months ago

I do a little photography on the side. Its something that I started learning about through the pandemic and I love it. This camera sounds like a dream. The specs are incredible. Maybe I will invest into my side hustle and by myself a birthday gift. I’m looking forward to seeing what it can do. Thanks for sharing.