Overclocker manages to clock Intel i9-129000K to 8GHz


Hicookie, a Taiwanese overclocker managed to overclock an Intel Core i9-129000k CPU to 8GHz on just a single core. Which is a record. The i9-10900k and i9-11900k max Ghz clock was 7,7GHz and 7,3GHz. Both CPUs from the previous record is made on 14nm. The i9-129000k is baked on 10 nanometers. However, the world record still remains on 8,7GHz with an AMD FX-8370 CPU. It is expected that with more attempts, the Alder Lake Processor will be able to overlock even higher than 8GHz.

To get such insane clock speeds, Hicookie tuned the Vcore to the max and set the core to 1,812 volts. To get the temperature down as much as possible. Liquid nitrogen was used. An overclock like this, is not meant to run stable. However, Windows needs to boot to make screenshots. A single core of the i9-129000K is running with a speed of 1975.58 MHz.

The Core i9-12900K is Intel’s latest flagship of CPUs. The CPU is available since today. The processors are made on Intel’s 7-Process. This CPU normally has a maximum clock speed of 5,2GHz. In the past, people have been trying to overlock the Comet Lake series. By then the max overclock speed men could get was 7,7GHz. The more recent Rocket Lake series even got stuck on just 7,3GHz. All just on one core.


Still a record for the breaking

Hicookie also managed to overclock the speed of DDR5 memory. He managed to overclock a set of 16GB DDR-4800 to 4149,8MHz. Which is good for a speed of 8300MT/s. For this, he used timings of 52-52-52-100-127-2

The world record regarding CPU overlocking on just one core still remains at 8,7GHz with an AMD FX-8370. It remains unknown if Intel will ever break this record. 8GHz comes close but there will be many attempts needed to go a tiny bit higher (which is a lot in overlock land).  Hicookie used the AORUS Z690 Tachyon motherboard to claim both records.

It is very cool to see, overlockers trying to squeeze the maximum performance out of a CPU. Hicookie is very experienced and has been breaking records in the past. Who knows what he might be able to get out at his next attempt?

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