Pimax’s Next-gen VR headset is changing the VR race

Pimax VR

Pimax’s upcoming VR headset, The Pimax Reality 12K QLED is probably one of the most advanced headsets (if not the most advanced one). We will see in a while. The headset is smaller, lighter, and even has an internal processor for standalone use. The Pixma 12 QLED also, as its name suggests is capable of showing a 12k resolution. The current flagship, the Vision 8K has a lower resolution and is heavier. The new headset is more powerful than ever before.

The Reality 12K has dual 6K QLED panels with mini-LED backlights coupled with 4400 elements for local dimming. This results in incredibly sharp video and images. Pimax said the construction is a mix of Fresnel and aspheric lenses, and the company is calling them Bionic lenses. The VR company also increased the Horizontal field of view (FOV) by 30-degrees meaning you would have a whole 210-degree viewing angle. The vertical FOV is also larger now with 135-degrees. This is more vision than the average human eye can see.

According to Pimax, the headset will cost 2,399 USD and should be released at the end of 2022. However, The company will have large discounts for current Pimax owners. (There will be amazing trade-in deals for “Pimaxians”).

To help improve performance on such high-resolution displays, Pimax has partnered with Tobii to integrate Tobii’s eye-tracking technology into all future Pimax headsets. To help adjust, the headset will have motorized IPD adjustment. Anytime you will put on the headset an automatic eye calibration will run. After this, the screens are aligned perfectly for optimal performance.

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A Hybrid PCVR headset

Due to a built-in processor, the Pimax 12k headset does not have to be tethered. Pimax put in a Qualcomm XR-2 inside the headset meaning that you can use the headset without any computer. However, if you want you can also stream content with two Display Port 1.4 connections. Or use the Wi-Fi 6 module to stream content.

The new headset will ship with a pair of optically tracked Pimax Sword controllers.  With the new headset, Pimax switched to optical SLAM-Based tracking for headset positioning.

The 12K Reality headset truly evolves the VR market and I believe it will be worth the price of 2,399 dollars if you want to get the max out of VR Gaming. And for ‘Pimaxians’ already packing a Pimax VR headset, you’ll be able to get the full purchase price of your current headset deducted from the cost of the new 12K VR headset. That could easily take the price from $2,399 down to just over $400, depending on which headset you have, and how much you paid for it. So for those lucky owners, this could be one of the best upgrades of your life.

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Senior Specialist
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7 months ago

Wow, this is seriously next level. I don’t have one though. Else I would have upgraded for sure.