Tesla and the Effects of Green Energy in the Future


Tesla has been a pioneer in clean energy, with their electric cars producing zero emissions. But what can we expect from Tesla in years to come?

In this article, I will be covering some predictions for 2020-2030 about how Tesla’s products will change and how this will affect the company’s future.

In the upcoming years, Elon Musk hopes to have a car that is capable of driving itself across the country without any human assistance whatsoever. This would allow drivers to sleep during long drives and could potentially even reduce traffic accidents due to driver error. (Humans make more errors than robots do).

As technology improves, these self-driving cars are going to become more affordable and accessible for consumers who can’t afford a Tesla. But this also poses a problem for Tesla. Because people will have more options when it comes to self-driving cars and will no longer feel the need to buy a Tesla.

The Role of SolarCity

In order to make up for this drop in sales. Elon Musk is going to introduce solar roofs that are made up of small solar cell units that replace shingles on a home.

The installation process is expected to be quick and painless, with the entire installation taking around 30 minutes. Each shingle contains several solar cells that produce energy for the house. This means that homes will become more independent from the power grid resulting in that they will only need to connect to it if they want to store extra energy in their Tesla Powerwall.

The addition of solar roofs will not only generate power for the house but will also increase the value of each home immensely, allowing homeowners to make back their investment within a few years.

This plan also has some benefits for Tesla. The increase in solar power will take Tesla off the grid while fueling their new products at the same time. These solar roofs may generate enough surplus power that can be stored in a Powerwall to last through many days where there is little to no sunshine.

The Future of Tesla and Green Energy

As car technology advances, Tesla will also have to adjust their business accordingly in order to stay competitive.

However, so far the introduction of self-driving cars seems promising for Tesla because they are already ahead of other companies in this niche. With an increase in consumers being able to afford self-driving cars. It is likely that Tesla will see an increase in revenue.

On the other hand, solar roofs are a more risky move because they have not been tested yet on a large scale. If these roofs are widely adopted. It will spell new money for Tesla and may even help them break into the home improvement market dominated by names like Home Depot.

In either case, the future looks bright for green energy proponents because Tesla is paving the way for other corporations to launch bold initiatives. As more consumers see how Tesla’s green energy has benefitted them, this trend may start to spread across the market as other companies are forced to adapt to changing consumer demands.

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Mac Tromwell
Mac Tromwell
8 months ago

I’m a huge supporter of green energy. And to see the way that Elon has been actively pioneering this field is truly remarkable. Before you ask, no, I don’t own a tesla… yet. As much as I’m itching to hop right on the bandwagon, I realized its not as optimized for me just yet. But yes, I will most definitely own a Tesla because I do believe it is the energy of the future.