Tesla is skipping on USB ports


Tesla recently has been thriving, however, with the current chip shortages, the EV manufacturer has been skipping installing USB ports in its cars. Numerous Model 3 and Model Y buyers are receiving their electric cars without any USB-C ports in the center console or rear seating areas. Some customers said they were alerted in advance and others only found out when they got home with their brand new car.

Delivery specialists and others at Tesla have pinned the missing USB ports on-chip shortages. Some customers have heard that the EV manufacturer would install the missing connectors in December, but it’s not clear if this applies to every affected owner. Tesla has long stopped responding to requests for comment and is believed to have disbanded its PR team.

This isn’t the first time brands have shipped cars without parts, including Tesla. BMW recently removed touchscreen features from some models, while that company and Tesla have both removed passenger lumbar support options. And there aren’t many great alternatives — automakers have delayed orders, halted production, and otherwise asked customers to wait longer than usual.

This could leave more than just a few buyers upset, the missing USB ports break not only connectivity, customers expect that for the price tag you get a Tesla for, this comes included. It might also sour customers worried Tesla might be sacrificing quality to meet its quarterly delivery targets.

Trying to produce more Tesla Model 3’s

Hertz recently announced to buy 100,000 Model 3’s, which in turn wants Tesla to produce even more, very fast. Maybe that is also another reason (other than chip supplies) that the manufacturer wants to churn out more Model 3’s by skipping some installation steps. Think about it. If it saves 10 minutes of installation time. This could end to being a huge time saver for the company.

Personally, I think it’s a very poor decision though, if you buy a Tesla Model 3 or Y. You expect these basic features to be in the car. Discovering this once you get home is not nice at all. Possible there will be some returns as well? Who knows. It is unclear if the company is offering these buyers any compensation though.

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