Tips for going back to the office

Back to office

Now that many companies are asking employees to come (partially) back to the office, some tips in this article will help you out if you have been dreading going back. People are getting stressed because many companies are pushing back dates, or are just very unclear about their policies. Giving more stress to people than is actually needed.

Ask questions and plan ahead

Our brain is wired to fill gaps of unknown information with “what ifs” and other uncertainties. It is important to ask questions to fill those gaps. How many hours will I be expected back in the office? Will my job change? If so, what will change? Try to get as many questions answered. This will help calm your own. Finding out information from your boss with also co-workers will help a lot in getting yourself calmed down before heading back to the office.

To avoid big surprises, if allowed, visit your workplace before you need to return back. Your workplace will then get familiar to you again. Even better if you meet your colleagues in person again. Yes, you have seen them online, but seeing their legs again after a long time will reconnect good memories from working in the office. (If you like your colleagues of course).

Separation anxiety

For those who have pets at home, getting separated again might cause fear of going to the office. If you can afford daycare for your pet, you will know that the pet is in good hands. Some people also buy a camera to keep an eye on their pet(s). This way you don’t have to worry and you can do your job without much distraction.

It will be harder if you were home with your family, that will take time to get back to normal again. Maybe try to work partially home first if that is allowed. Then each month increase the time you will go to the office. This way you won’t go cold turkey on leaving your family. And don’t worry. You will always see your family once you are done with work.


The pandemic working from home routine is ideal for introverted people. Staying at home most of the time and just being alone without any other colleague distracting you. Returning back will be very difficult. Maybe it is possible to see what things at home you’ve appreciated and bring some of those elements to work?

For example, if you have enjoyed walks, it is also possible to do this in an office setting. Do not feel guilty about stepping away. Now is a perfect time to get these new things in your work rhythm.

It is important to expect that for some people going back to the office is not easy. Communicate this clearly with your job and set expectations. It should be understood that people need to adjust to new and different situations. We all know that the pandemic has changed a lot of stuff in our lives and we all need to readjust.

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