A workers revolution is taking place around the world

Workers are protesting

People are being sick of being used and mistreated at work in the United States and in the world. A sub on Reddit called /antiwork is taking off and many people are quitting their jobs massively, people were already having enough of their low salary, but thanks to the Pandemic things are now going in overdrive. Never in history before have so many people quit their jobs. Rightly so. The time to finally take matters into your own hands is now. Especially if your boss thinks you are easily replaceable, think again!

The group is not about being lazy and getting unemployment pay, they are fighting for a higher minimum wage and better living standards, (which hasn’t been increased in years) because in the United States you basically need 2 to 3 jobs without any weekend to even afford to pay rent. The rent prices have been going up as well. Yet employers do not even think about raising the wages. Oh, and when you work your ass off and ask for even one day off. You still need to come in because they are short-staffed. Some companies even go as far as trying to impose illegal or impossible stuff on their employees. Well, guess what? Work is a two-way street of mutual respect for each other. So I totally understand that people have been quitting their jobs.

The Reddit sub has grown from 300k users (or Idler’s as they call themselves) to near 800k in just over 2 months’ time. This huge growth proves the need for better wages and fairer workers’ rights. People deserved to be treated as humans, not trash. Working 80 hours a week with barely any spare time left will make sure that the populace will be burned out in no time. A huge workers revolution is happening right now. Meanwhile in European countries and especially the Scandinavian countries are proving that it is possible to have a healthy work/life balance and be even more productive. Maybe it is time to move towards the Scandinavian example?

It is amazing to see that people are finally stepping up to take matters into their own hands, with enough support things can actually change this time, for the better. Unionizing is also very important! The larger the group, the better chance you have that the company will finally listen to you (or they are forced to listen). Given enough time, this workers’ revolution will take really off. Just wait.

Companies are even hiring workers (scabs) to replace workers on strike, it is really sickening to see this happen. The government should make this illegal if you ask me. If you see this happening, ignore it or take the job with go with the union to give them a hard time. The time is now to act! Or maybe it will never happen.

People on Reddit predict that the group will have one million members by the end of this year, a crazy increase. However, we live in crazy times and it is good to see that people are getting together. Again people on this sub are not lazy. No, they are also fighting for you. Everyone will have a better life with better working conditions. Hence a true workers revolution is taking place. Even if you are middle-class! So please support them, for your benefit as well.

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Dani J.
Dani J.
8 months ago

My company is doing a hybrid right now. We are working three days a week and I love it! I am personally more productive in the office. I do enjoy my days at home too. It is the best of both worlds. I am blessed to have a boss who thinks about us and our well-being. It’s important to live a balanced life. Cheers to flexible work schedules.

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